It’s the most hideous time of the year. And no, I’m not talking about those gray snow mountains that spawn in mall parking lots—although, those are gross, too. Pull out your nattiest knitwear and get all jolly, because it’s ugly sweater o’clock!

So when you’re not busy sifting through Goodwill trying to find one of your own, take some brand inspiration from these glorious garments. Because there’s a lot of good advice woven into that knitwear.

You’re unique like a snowflake.

Silly sweaters aren’t just meant to be worn—they’re meant to be seen. Find what makes you, you, and play it up so you can be the life of the party. (Or the tourist attraction you were always meant to be.) Make your brand the center of attention, and let those sequins shine bright.

Embrace the WTF.

Even the most bah-humbugging among us can agree: these sartorial eyesores serve as comic relief during what can be a pretty stressful and stuffy time. So let your guard down a little—it’s ok to be completely ridiculous as long as it feels genuine for your brand. (Hi, Gritty.)

Or keep it warm and fuzzy.

Beneath smirks that say, “I’m wearing this as a joke,” there’s a thick layer of nostalgia at play. All those appliques can’t help but conjure memories of Grandma’s house and holidays past. It’s good to catch people’s attention and make them laugh, but your marketing can have a heart, too.

Don’t forget the finishing touches.

Google searches for “ugly sweaters” peak in December every year. Rusty Zipper, one of the many websites selling them, owes 20% of their monthly traffic to AdWords clicks—over three million visitors total. Make a list of keywords—and check it twice—so you can send season’s greetings to as many people as possible.

So go ahead and invest in that turtleneck with the jingle bells sewn to the sleeves. Your aesthetic (or co-workers) might not appreciate it, but your marketing sure will.

Have a fashionably festive weekend, everybody!

—Your close-and-beautifully-knit friends at Brokaw

Pull out your nattiest knitwear and get all jolly, because it’s ugly sweater o’clock!

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