Good news, everyone! We made it! It’s officially the future!

We have Minority Report’s touch screens. Total Recall’s invasive x-ray scanners. And Demolition Man’s Wesley Snipes. Or as I call him, Prisoner 57. (Zing! Where my nerds at?!)

And as predicted by countless sci-fi movies and literature–advertising is everywhere. (Well played, Wall-E.) With new content-housing devices like smartphones, tablets, Google Glass, etc., there are plenty of fancy schmancy new technologies to explore. But as exciting as those platforms are, sometimes it’s nice to revisit our oldest technology: real life.

For example, Local Marketing (the original social media) literally gets brands out there to shake hands, make real people connections, and build really real face-to-face relationships, without the Twitterverse and blogospheres. By giving consumers some QT with your brand, you’re not only helping increase trial and short-term sales, but you’re allowing them to absorb your message and become loyal long-term girlfriends…err, customers…with benefits…um, sales.

Whether you’re having the smallest grand re-opening or leaving a trail of breadsticks across the country, Local Marketing can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. And of course, we’re not saying TV, digital, and social media are less #craycrayawesome. Our point is (and there is one, stay with me), that at the end of the day, it’s still about the ideas and storytelling–not new media channels, technology, or buzzwords like “content marketing creators” (barf-ola).

So, while this weird future world has given us many exciting new ways to keep talking, don’t forget that sometimes it’s nice to bring back some good old-fashioned 1995 “doing.” Hey, remember Gregg Brokaw’s tape collection?! Dokken?! Really?