“Summer, summer, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind.” –The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

You nailed it again, The Fresh Prince—it’s summer. And as the levels of relative humidity change, so do people’s habits.

For example: people are actually going outside now. And talking to each other. Sometimes even face-to-face. Side note: they’re also finally realizing what they look like under those bulky sweaters (sorry, community pool).

Heck, they’re even spending less time than usual proofreading their weekly, link-heavy e-blasts. (Enjoy our typohs, everyone!)

But all this “outside time” spent not staring slack-jawed and drooling in front of the TV/Internet doesn’t mean people flat-out can’t see advertising (even though viewership is considerably down in summer). They’re just seeing it in different places. Like street festivals. Or concerts. Or on the beach. Or in the ocean near the beach. Or before a summer blockbuster. Summer might even be the perfect time to find that event sponsorship that’s a perfect fit. (Bonnaroo and Speed Stick? Just sayin’.)

So take summer’s advice and let your brand jump off the high dive for once. Or wear those short shorts. Hey – if there’s one time to take a risk, it’s summertime.

BTW – If we don’t reply too quickly these first few weeks of summer, we haven’t taken an early vacation. It’s just due to our friend Captain America (more like Captain Road Rage).