And he’s using it to shop your Christmas list.

In any category, the holidays mean much more than snowflakes and hot cocoa for marketers. It means sales. And the rules for knocking your sales goals out of the park this season have changed. According to a recent Google Infographic, 78% of shoppers used the Internet for holiday shopping research—versus only 29% of shoppers who relied on friends, colleagues or family members’ word-of-mouth opinions to develop their must-have shopping lists last year. The consumer reliance on your brand’s digital presence makes it more important than ever to ensure your digital ducks—or reindeer—are in a row.


Digital Influence

According to an article in Adweek, 80% of survey respondents engaged with brands through digital channels before even setting foot in a store, so make sure your brand has a solid digital and social strategy, so you can interact your way into the consumer’s hearts. Whether it’s through website design, social media, mobile marketing, email marketing, SEO, SEM, RSS, FBI, or even LOL.

Influencer Marketing

Offers shared by trusted influencers convert at rates 3-10 times higher than offers sent by the brand themselves, so shift the conversation away from Brand-to-Consumer to Peer-to-Peer, and develop a content marketing influencer strategy. Trust us and Adweek—it’s the next big thing.

Video Content

While you’re improving your digital presence, recognize the very real power of video content. According to a recent Google article, one in every four shoppers say online videos are their go-to source for gift ideas—so make stuff move! Tap into a motion graphics, design, and film production studio to help create video content that will get your brand noticed. We think we might have one in mind.