Remember the game show Name That Tune? It’s like a game you’d play on a long car ride, but not fun, and on TV…


Well, the reason that show existed is because names are tough to remember and melodies make you feel something. And you remember 100% of what you feel. The same rule applies to advertising. Say you’re looking for brand name recognition. If there’s no feeling, it won’t stick. No, not even if you scream it, car dealerships.

So the best way to make your brand memorable is to make consumers feel feelings. Make them laugh. Cry. Bore them until they run out of tears. (Well, maybe not that one.) Whatever it takes to create an emotional connection between you and them. That’s why I’m known as “the kid whose car caught on fire driving to prom” and not Aaron. Because my mom thought it was hilarious.

Example time! This Nike commercial demands your attention without a name or a swoosh in sight. Also, I dare you not to get your heartstrings tugged by this Apple ad. It makes me want to buy an iWatch so I can be a better dad. (So long, college fund!) And of course, here’s GEICO making us laugh again.

So, like it says in How to Brokaw, “If we can glue our message with emotion, we have a better chance of being remembered, and ultimately, selected.” Then before you know it, you’ll be known as “that company that did that one commercial that made me laugh.” Which is a really great start.

Oh, and if you need help remembering my name, maybe my sweet LinkedIn skill will help.