(And why I’m never going to be able to limit the level of iPad theft in my house.)


Source: Q1 2017 Nielsen Total Audience Report

Generation Z deserves our attention. While advertisers, brands, and firms are constantly discussing Millennials and Generation X, Z is often left out… which is just Ludacris.

Because as of February 2017, Generation Z is the largest generation accounting for 26% of all persons in U.S. TV homes. And by 2020, 40% of all consumers will be Zers. Combined with Millennials, these two generations together represent almost half of the population.

So, what do we know about Z and what matters to them?


When compared to other generations, Z has the highest penetration for smartphone and tablet use.

Sunday mornings at my house (with my 4-year-old Z pictured below):


Z is the first generation who has never known life without technology (hence my daughter trying to swipe left on a flat screen TV at 18 months). Technology is incredibly important to them. Your service, resource, or product must be efficient and easy to use, or they will move on… literally… they have an average attention span of about 8 seconds.


Diverse Reach

Increase your Reach! Us Media Kids are always pushing our clients to expand their Reach with a diverse media mix across various devices, screens, and tactics, but with Z, it’s essential. While most consumers are on their phones while they watch TV, Zers are using MORE screens (up to five at once!), so executing a campaign that only includes one or two tactics won’t fly.

Embrace Their Culture

Z is the most diverse of all the generations, mixing culture, ethnicity, and ideals–viewing the world with a sense of open-mindedness that is to be admired. Creating content that resonates with their unique culture, that is both authentic and relatable is a must. If it isn’t, they will see through you and again move on.

Brand Management

And not your brand, their brand. Z has grown up perfecting their individual online personas by utilizing social media as an extension of their lives. They know who they are and are experts at perfecting and adapting themselves in different environments. Hyperaware of the criticisms of the Millennials who came before them, they strive for professionalism, are well researched, more financially stable, and informed so making sure your message is unique, captivating, and rises above the blah blah is paramount.

Have a great weekend everyone! (And hide your iPad!)
-Your friends at Brokaw.

As of Feb. 2017, Gen Z is the largest generation accounting for 26% of all persons in US TV homes. By 2020, 40% of all consumers will be Zs.

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