Hooray, the Winter Olympics are here! Which means all eyes are on Sochi—and thanks to social media…Sochi toilets (gross). But instead of focusing on negative WOM (a cooler way to say “word-of-mouth”) or reactive brand-damage-control WOM, let’s discuss how you can proactively unleash the power of the positive WOM. Like creating and seeding brand content that is so unique, fresh, rewarding, and ummm, WOM-able, people actually seek it out and participate in it.

Whether that’s online through a brilliant ’80s giveaway to support, in our humble opinion, the best most honest rebrand approach we’ve seen in a long, long time.

Or experiential media, including converting city bus stops into ski lifts as we did for vitaminwater at the last Winter Olympics.

Or leveraging the power of Facebook’s new Look Back feature to help your corporate or personal brand form a strong emotional connection to your audience. (It’s okay, Aaron. Tomorrow’s a new day, lil’ buddy.)

Because let’s face it, your brand needs authenticity, and your budget needs help from unpaid media. And poor plumbing. (Well played, Clorox.)