Flu season. It’s not the good-est. Well that’s a terrible way to begin this. But please stick with me (and excuse my occasional incoherence). You see, I’m the father of two flu-having younglings (sounds wrong but let’s go with it) who have been gifting me 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night for the past week. Also known as the da Vinci sleep pattern. (Just gonna grab some shut-eye while you check that link…)


You’re back! And I’m definitely awake! Now, the point of this exercise: how to help sick kids and under-the-weather brands get their groove back.

Pay attention to the symptoms/identify the problem:

The sooner you can identify an illness, in a child or brand, the more quickly you can overcome it. Signs of illness in children range from: less playfulness and lethargy to THE GROSSEST THING YOU CAN IMAGINE. Sick brand signals include things like slumping online reviews or a consistent decrease in sales. Be diligent and proactively look for problems that can be arrested and solved early on.

Take your dang medicine:

Sick brands, like kids, often don’t know what’s good for them. Sure, medicine can taste terrible, just like changing operations or marketing plans can be painful. But it pays to remember that often, the only thing standing in the way of our getting better is ourselves. (While you check that, I’ll enjoy this exhaustion-induced hallucination I’ve been fending off. Ahoy, pizza-horse!)

Set a goal:

You identified the problem. You took your medicine. You’re recovering. Now let’s set a realistic goal—and then double it. Look, if a kid can go from projectile vomiting to climbing my grandma’s heirloom credenza, your brand can hit the ground running, regardless of budget or other obstacles. Be bold, stay focused, and move forward. Who knows? Maybe your brand will rank among the comeback stories of the century. (And then you can get some well-deserved rest.)

Goodnight, everybody!

–Your always healthy and well-rested friends at Brokranchularfffffffffffffffffffff