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I remember it like it was yesterday. I called Veronica from the pay phone at work. The phone handle was cold, greasy, hard. And I was sweating. “Do you wanna go to Prom with me?” I asked, voice cracking. Miracle upon miracles, she said, “Yes!” That night I was on top of the world. Three hours later, she called me and said she’d changed her mind. “No problem,” I said. “That’s cool.”

That was 1987. Now fast-forward to 2015 and meet a phenomenon known as the Promposal, where the act of asking might be more important than the event itself.

Today’s teenagers are choreographing flash mobs, devising elaborate scavenger hunts, hiring celebrities, and even lighting crap on fire in a quest to deliver the ultimate Promposal.

As you might guess, this can get expensive. The average student will spend more than $300 on a Promposal, or about one-third of their total Prom budget. Weirdly, there is an inverse proportion of Household Income to PP expenditure (i.e., the higher your HHI, the lower your Promposal $$).

Promposals can also cause significant stress, according to CNN. Because life doesn’t always go according to plan. And maybe that’s where the lesson is here. Once you put something out on the Internet, it’s there forever and available to everyone. Including people named Veronica.

Exit pop-ups are .007% less annoying than intro pop-ups.

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