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At the risk of being labeled a wet blanket (and/or beach towel): 2019 is basically over. Monday marks the halfway point between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and the arrival of September catapults us into autumn. Halloween and Thanksgiving aren’t far behind, and December will be here before you know it (my wet blanket freezeth over).

But before you start on your Christmas list, let’s revisit some of the great advertising we’ve seen this year. You know, for reasons of stopping and smelling the roses, etc.

Burger King

Burger King clowned on competitor fast food chains by having people commit acts of digital arson in return for a free, flame-grilled Whopper. Customers had a rewarding reason to download the BK app, while these ads took “sick burns” to an innovative and more literal level.


You don’t have to be a Browns fan to appreciate Nike’s “Shared Dream,” but the spot takes on new hype vid potential if you are. (Guilty as charged!) It draws the parallels between the careers of wide receivers Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr., showcasing both the power of storytelling and these insanely jacked BFFs.

And more recently, “Never Stop Winning” highlighted the seemingly endless kick-assery of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, both on and off the pitch. I mean: come on. Chills!

World Record Egg

Way back in January, an ordinary egg rolled into hearts and Instagram feeds everywhere by setting a record for the most likes on the platform (over 53 million).

But this ovum was on a mission: to promote mental health awareness. After the initial post, a subsequent series showed the egg looking worse for wear, showing how people can “crack” under the pressures of social media. The account provided a list of resources for people struggling with anxiety or other stressors brought on by excessive social media use and proved that making a big difference can stem from a small budget.

May these picks inspire you in the back nine of 2019. After all, we still have five full months to make crazy good work (and meet those award show deadlines).

Have a slow-paced weekend, everybody!

—Your savor-the-moment friends at Brokaw

2019 is basically over. But before you start on your Christmas list, let’s revisit some of the great advertising we’ve seen this year.

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