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Happy National Veggie Burger Day, Brokaw. Celebrate by picking up a package of Beyond Meat.

In The News

Millennials have been accused of killing many things, so it’s about time they get credited for a new invention in the…. Toilet paper industry?

In all honesty, does anyone really need that much TP? Read More.

Kids in Generation Z have decided they’ve had enough of their parents’ oversharing.

Seriously, did you think your teenager would appreciate the old pictures of them potty training on Facebook? Read More.

The top 3 songs on Billboard’s Top 100 this week are all by Gen Z artists

Lil Nas X (born 1999), Billie Eilish (born 2001) and Khalid (born 1998). Read more here or here.

This Week in Memes

When you give kids the freedom to choose what to eat, they never disappoint

Chris Evans photoshopped with nails and wigs is the reaction meme that you never asked for but somehow always needed.

The original $1000 monitor stand (in response to the recently-announced $999 Apple Pro Stand)

Generation Z Words of the Week

Bop: n. A popular or upbeat song 

Did you hear Old Town Road? It’s a bop! 

Deadass: v. To be completely serious about a topic 

Are you deadass? 

Bread: n. Money to be made or earned in the future. 

Let’s wake up and get that bread. 

Cheese: (Tuesday, June 4 is National Cheese Day. No special meaning to this one except that everyone loves cheese.) 

The Bag: n. See bread.  

Did you secure the bag today? 

Low key: n. (1) a topic that is emphasized; v. to be quiet and discreet 

Low key, this is the best coffee I’ve ever had.

This party will be pretty low key. 

Think you’ve got it down? Try our word search!


Or, kill a tree and print this one out. Up to you.

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