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They’re back!

(And no, we’re not talking about Bennifer—but congrats to those two.)

Across the United States, billions of Brood X Cicadas are emerging from the ground as we speak, like some kind of alien invasion B-movie…that happens to star J.Lo and B.Af.

But what does this insect-tastic return have to do with advertising?

Let’s discuss the relationship between an invasive swarm of unwelcome entities…and cicadas. Ba-dum-bing!

Patience, grasshopper cicada.

There’s no rushing these gross pests before they’re ready. Like a fine wine, they need time to, um, mature? Or something? Regardless of the bugs’ biology, the takeaway is crystal clear: timing is everything.

So before launching your campaign, carefully consider all variables. Like audience readiness. Political factors. Competitive messaging. The presence of hungry squirrels.

Release messaging at the right time, or suffer the fate of a finger-lickin’ campaign that got the thumbs down from a newly hygiene-obsessed world. 

When you launch, go big.  Like, really big.

How do Cicadas get such sick results when they finally emerge?

Because they come out literally by the BILLIONS. You can’t not notice that.

Like the cicada, do what you must to get attention. Sell zombie-proof brain armor. Try getting a GOAT to shake its tail. Launch a literal rocket if you have to. You know what they say: “Go big or go home and get eaten by a blue jay.”

Be an unexpected food source.

I am both delighted and disgusted to inform you that cicadas are, in fact, fair game as ingredients.

As far as applying this tip to advertising?  Pass out free samples. Boom.

With enough foresight and planning, you can create the kind of work that only comes around once every 17 years. And that gets as much buzz as your favorite tabloid-y couple.

Have a Gigli-tastic weekend, everybody!
—Your never-bugging friends at Brokaw

Be an unexpected food source.

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