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While many brands are still trying to master the basics of #hashtags, some of the more innovative are already looking toward the next frontier of advertising: brain implants. Psych—it’s wearable tech! You know, technology you wear on your body that synchs with various online systems. Tell ’em, Mashable.

From Fitbit to Google Glass to those Captain Kirk beam-me-up watches already on the market, brands have opportunities beyond just ad units to use these potential platforms to develop more intimate relationships with their consumers.

This is especially exciting for the healthcare industry, as these devices can serve as real-time health monitors—alerting patients of any issue, reminding them to take medicine or exercise, and even providing progress reports to their doctors. These devices can also help people make healthier eating, sleeping, and overall lifestyle decisions. (Fitbit and the like are already doing this to an extent.)

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For the banking industry, this technology can help consumers manage their spending in real time, provide cash and cardless purchasing opportunities, and help balance checkbooks as people shop to keep their credit intact. The possibilities are endless (and some of the ramifications are just short of brain implant scary), but the bottom line is that this is not a fad, it IS a burgeoning market, and the time is NOW to start preparing yourselves for more innovative methods of connecting to your audience. (Just maybe not in the creepy way like last year’s critically acclaimed film Her…)

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