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“Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt someone.” –your weird aunt

Sorry, weird aunts, but secrets are fun. They’re the funnest. And just in case your secret is never reading beyond the first paragraph of quirky, weekly e-newsletters (psst: we know who you are), here’s the secret to this one: your brand might need more secrets.

Because, look, our lives are surrounded by secrets. From your Wi-Fi password to your family’s secret haggis recipe (gross) to the reason perpetually-bankrupt Nicolas Cage isn’t broke right now.

And when it comes to branding, secrets can actually be useful. Let’s say you have a secret sauce for a double-decker burger. Or a secret recipe for making a fizzy brown drink. Or a secret number “33” on the side of your beer bottles.

These can inspire great curiosity and, in many cases, loyalty. (See also: everything Apple has ever done.)

Because when your brand has a secret, you create the idea that you have a special something worth knowing. And it plants the idea in the consumer’s mind that you, and only you, can do or make whatever it is that you do or make—the best.

Sometimes, it’s even a good idea to share little secrets with loyal customers. Like if you’re the world’s largest coffee brewer with a secret menu that includes the Twix Frappuccino. (Also, if you’re ever at a Potbelly sandwich shop, try ordering the “Wrecking Ball.” And wink, of course.)

So, what’s your brand’s secret? Maybe it’s that it doesn’t have one yet. In which case, it might be useful to consider finding one.

In the meantime, here are some secrets to get your cloak-and-dagger going: Secret tracks. Presidential secrets. And ballsy secrets about despised despots.

When your brand has a secret, you create the idea that you have a special something worth knowing.

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