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Welcome to “JANE SAYS…,” where Brokaw Social Media Strategist Jane Frires shares the latest social media updates—consider it a large-scale DM of the latest need-to-know info, if you will. So with that, here’s what Jane says:

FACEBOOK – Well, well, well, looks who’s finally getting their act together. Facebook is helping users understand and control posts they see in their newsfeeds, leading to more relevant ads. The updated “Why am I seeing this ad?,” adds (ha) more context, and will now include specific information on posts that are shown due to Facebook’s data collection processes.

TWITTER – To inspire more posted pics, Twitter is launching a new camera tool where users simply swipe left on their phone to snap or add a photo. They can then write a short description and add a hashtag or location tag for easy posting. Twitter’s also handing out more hashtag recommendations based on nearby events and signals to encourage more real-time pics and vids.

INSTAGRAM – eCommerce is in…sta. A closed beta group of 23 U.S. retailers is testing a feature where a link within their posts allows users to buy a product—without leaving the app. This maximizes opportunities on Instagram and will majorly impact brands’ influencer marketing strategies. Stay tuned for the live launch.

LINKEDIN – Along the same wavelengths as FB, LI has updated its audience and interest target capabilities, and created audience templates for the B2B crowd.

LinkedIn's Audience Templates ad targeting option

PINTEREST – Shop ’til you…stop scrolling? New product catalog options will help retailers reach and convert more customers. Pinterest has added features like “shop a brand,” personalized shopping recommendations, and more shopping ads in general.


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– Your Bro-cial friends at Brokaw

What’s new? Twitter is launching a new camera tool where users simply swipe left on their phone to snap or add a photo.

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