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We, as a nation, have bread on the brain. Call it “Little House on the Prairie” cosplay or a way to pass time between episodes of “The Last Dance,” but the Instagram grid doesn’t lie. It just makes you draw comparisons between another labor of love—in this case, the (also) famously fickle creative process.

It’s “simple.”

The most delicious, golden brown sourdough comes from just three ingredients: flour, water, and salt. Likewise, the best ideas are often the simplest—like, “turning video calls into an ad” simple—because they hit the bullseye on universal truths. (Which, given a global pandemic, have never been quite so universal.)

It’s challenging.

There’s like a 99.5746% chance you won’t make a perfect loaf on your first try. In fact, your initial loaves will probably suck, but they’ll reveal how you can improve. Kind of reminds you of the 47 video scripts you scrapped, huh? Here’s to number 48!

It requires patience.

Given all the mixing, resting, kneading, rising, shaping, and baking, it takes days to make a loaf of sourdough. When you have a solid creative concept, let it ferment in the back of your brain and revisit it every so often with a fresh perspective. Chances are, it’ll develop over time into something much heartier—and more timely.

It’s rewarding.

When a long and complicated recipe (Dough punching = ???) results in an actual loaf of bread, it tastes all the better. It’s the same sense of accomplishment that comes with slotting “Brand_campaign_revised_v3_final” into the finished deck. All that hard work is what makes the end result so satisfying. Especially when it’s topped with butter.

Here’s to the goals that keep us fulfilled. And in the meantime, there’s always your local bakery for your focaccia and Brokaw for fresh-baked thoughts.

Have a gluten-filled weekend, everybody!

—Your carbo-loading friends at Brokaw

All that hard work is what makes the end result so satisfying. Especially when it’s topped with butter.

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