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About one week from now, your Aunt Millie will proclaim, “We should go around the table and each say something we’re thankful for.” Even if your palms sweat as you hope that none of the obvious answers (family, friends, UberEats) are taken before it’s your turn, Aunt Millie has a point.

In a study, wonderfully corroborated by Soul Pancake, psychologists found that expressing gratitude is one of the most significant ways to increase overall happiness. (Need a tissue after that? I don’t. My eyes are watering because I was cutting onions for my famous stuffing. But maybe I’ll take one just in case.)

So how can you and your brand capitalize on a season of thanksgiving? By, wait for it, giving thanks: to your community, your employees, and your customers.

Give Back

It’s the most charitable time of the year. So get in on it! You benefit from your community’s resources, people, and overall inspiring energy. Thank them for it in some way, whether that’s sponsoring a Turkey Trot, hosting an open house for curious neighbors, or collecting donations for a local charity like Prayers from Maria.

Reward Hard Work

Your employees rock. They make your brand as awesome as it is, and you literally could not do it without them. This time of year is a great chance to say thanks for their hard work.

Take a page from the Brokaw brothers and host a delicious Brosgiving (but, you know, change the name). Or put out paper for morale-boosting hand turkeys. Or send out a quick note thanking them for all that they do. Or host a tackle football game to be held one dark night after work. Wait, don’t do that. That’s a bad idea.

Any way you choose, spread the cheer and let employees know that you appreciate them. Because, super-unsurprisingly: happy employees mean increased productivity and efficiency and higher retention rates. It’s a win, win, win, win, (and if you’re counting hand turkeys) win.

Customer Appreciation

Remember when Oprah gave away a ton of free cars on her show? Of course you do, because everyone does, because that was bananas. So find your own version of giving away Pontiac G6s. Offer a coupon or a discount or a BOGO sale or anything that shows your customers a little extra lovin’ for the upcoming holiday (and then send us the link).

Dedicate a Campaign

In 2014, P&G RIPPED OUR HEARTS OUT with “Thank You, Mom” and they’re back at it this year with their “#LoveOverBias” campaign.

Look, Thanksgiving may come once a year, but it’s always a good time to thank your mom…and community, employees, and customers. Because saying thank you freaking works, dude. So thank you, Aunt Millie, for making us all stop and reflect.

Have a thanks-giving/getting weekend, everyone!

– Your cornucopia-stuffing friends at Brokaw.

Remember when Oprah gave away a ton of free cars on her show? Of course you do, because everyone does, because that was bananas.

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