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If you’re holding out on seeing Avengers: Endgame until the crowds die down, congratulations on your vibranium-strength willpower.

But until you settle in for the three-hour superhero smorgasbord, let’s talk spoilers—rather, how to avoid them. Because between this latest addition to the Marvel Comic Universe and the final season of Game of Thrones, it can feel like entire quadrants of the internet are off-limits if you’re even a little behind.

So take back your social feed with these tips for keeping your content un-spoiled:

Take a break

You may have to sacrifice your morning scroll through Twitter. After all, one of those trending hashtags could be a life-ruining spoiler itself. See: last week’s #AvengersEndgameSpoilers (ICYMI, @FavBrother’s contributions were very on brand and very misinformed.) Delay looking at your timeline until later in the day, when a new trending topic reigns supreme.

Mute, mute, mute

Let’s face it: it’s usually that rando you don’t remember following in the first place who defiles your timeline with the name of the latest winner on The Bachelor. Put them in a metaphorical muzzle by being click-happy with that mute button or by setting a filter to kick their comments out of your newsfeed. Twitter allows you to temporarily block tweets that contain certain words, phrases, usernames, emojis, or hashtags.

Enlist apps for assistance

Apps can be your sidekick in spoiler avoidance. Google Chrome extensions can help block TV, movie and sports spoilers so you can watch Monday Night Football on Tuesday without worry. Here are a few top-rated apps: Unspoiler, Spoiler Alert, GameofSpoils, Spoiler Protection 2.0 and Spoiler Block.

Unfortunately, we can’t help with gabby co-workers/friends/family who ruin plots (and your faith in humanity) in casual conversation. Although, this tactic has been successful in the past:

Have a weekend full of well-earned suspense, everybody!

– Your always un-muted friends at Brokaw

Take back your social feed with these tips for keeping your content un-spoiled.

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