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As Glenn Close can attest, award shows can be brutal. And while I haven’t gotten an Oscars invite (yet), I can definitely speak to the advertising industry’s take on trophy nights.

There are some perennially annoying things about these annual events, from the awkward “networking” to the eye roll-inducing outfits (the “Looks Good In Skinny Jeans And Flat-Brimmed Trucker Hats” Award goes to…no one).

But here’s an insider secret: even the ad folks who say they don’t give a crap about awards…kind of give a crap about awards. And they should. Because when you get past the peacocking, there’s actually a decent payoff to giving each other prizes:

Award shows make the creative stronger.

Award shows are reminders of the “good advertising” tenets that we in the industry know to be true—and sometimes lose sight of day-to-day. Simple, strong, honest work that cuts through will win awards. Multi-messaged, overcomplicated advertising (that looks like advertising) won’t. It’s that simple. This is a good time to reflect on the work you’re currently doing, and make sure you’re always striving for the former.

Award shows help find talent who gives a crap.

How do great creatives find their tribe? They look to those doing the work they aspire to. And just like dogs and babies, they’re attracted to shiny things. Great work attracts great talent, and award shows provide one way to reach them.

Award shows make the work work harder.

The biggest knock on shows is that the creative that wins creative awards isn’t effective—and that’s not even true. In fact, award-winning ads are 11 times more effective than other work. How’s that for ROI, bean counters?

Award shows give some sense of validation.

Which is nice.

So given the reasons above, I know at least some small part of you wants to take home the hardware.

Why else would you be wearing those gold jeggings, deep-V tee, and moon boots?

Have a critically acclaimed weekend, everybody!

-Your red-carpet-walking friends at Brokaw.

Great work attracts great talent, and award shows provide one way to reach them.

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