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Even with its “cursed open mic” energy, last Sunday’s Oscars ceremony was a great reminder that movies are magic.

The writing! The costumes! The conveniently branded items splashed across the big screen!

Yes, I’m talking product placement.

This ever-present, under-the-radar messaging lives at the intersection of art and commerce, and is best explained by this perfect joke from 30 Rock.

So to pay tribute to Tinseltown, while also maintaining the integrity of this distinguished advertising blog, we’ve rounded up some of the best examples:

Apple in Legally Blonde

Apologies to Steve Jobs, but for a certain subset of the population (at least, those with their priorities straight) Apple products will forever be associated with Elle Woods.

After all, the iconic iMac she lugs along to class at Harvard Law School has spawned deep dives into the portrayal of Apple products, and perhaps even inspired the newest generation of computers. I’ll take one in orange, thanks!

Reese’s Pieces in E.T.

If you were scarred by this intergalactic interloper: first of all, join my support group. But then admit that the Spielberg-helmed blockbuster left you craving Reese’s Pieces.

After all, there’s a reason the movie tripled sales of the candy in just two weeks. And it’s probably NOT just because that über-scary alien has the literal golden touch.   

Legos in…The Lego Movie

Shout out to the geniuses who brought a beloved toy to the big screen while also featuring original music from The Lonely Island.

While this could’ve been a cloying, 100-minute infomercial, they pulled it off in not a way everyone can (@Playmobil: the Movie).

Product placements are mutually beneficial in that they help with world building while also lending marquee status to the brand at hand.

So, should you include a sponsorship in the next Michael Bay movie as part of your media plan?

Well, we encourage you to think that over with a nice, ice cold RC Cola®™.

Have a cinematically epic weekend, everybody!

—Your clapping-through-the-credits friends at Brokaw

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