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Poetry, the original banner ad, is having a moment right now. After all, it’s an easy way to record—and attempt to make sense of—the bananas times we’re living in. Also: making art is a great stress reliever, and we’ll take that sweet, sweet hit of serotonin any way we can get it.

The written word’s an especially space-efficient coping mechanism since it only requires the Notes app on your phone—you know, the device that’s already glued to your hand/eyes 17.75 hours a day (no judgment here).

If you need inspiration, check your inbox. This poem hit the big time (no more using the phrase “going viral” in the midst of a pandemic, please) for being constructed solely from lines found in brand emails.

All of which sparked this series of haikus, inspired by my life as a parent working from home:

Can we all agree:

Showering every day

Was overrated.


Please send alcohol.

Pretty please send alcohol.

Please send it right now.


I am so sorry,

I thought my mic was muted—

Yes, he did go poo.


Video turned off

My house looks like a war zone

I swear I am here.

If nothing else, let your kid skim this post and check off English class for the day.  

Have an epic (the Beowulf meaning and other meaning) weekend, everybody!

—Your poets-who-know-it friends at Brokaw

Poetry, the original banner ad, is having a moment right now.

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