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Little known fact: good advertising is like donating an organ.

Because, sure, it takes a lot out of you. But it’s also literally life-giving.

So, let’s inspect where insides swaps and advertising intersect.  

Give them something good

Organ recipients can’t just take any old kidney that walks off the street. “Is it pink, squishy, and slimy in a good way?” doctors (probably) ask after unpacking the Styrofoam container. After all, it’s vital that people receive the best organs—that also fit them best.  

So, consider the connection of your brand to your target and capitalize on the very coolest incentive you can offer. Maybe it’s a free sofa, or maybe it’s a tidy little box for self-identification. When you show what you actually bring to the (soon-to-be-stolen) table, a mutually-beneficial brand-to-consumer connection can be forged.

Prevent or repair

Organ transplants can help repair current damage. Guess what? Your ads can do that, too.

After a distribution snafu left more than 65,000 women without O.B. hygiene products, Johnson & Johnson went way beyond the standard Notes app apology. They made a personal music video begging for forgiveness from every single person in their userbase—over 10,000 customers.

Owning your mistakes can help rebuild loyalty and give your brand a second wind.

Start a chain reaction

One organ donor can save up to eight lives. (Ed note: Wow, right?)  

Your business can also start a chain reaction. Like when brands “adopt” charities that are tied to their product. Sure, it doesn’t have to be as, uh, sensory…friendly as Who Gives a Crap’s initiative, but when you make any kind of warmhearted gesture, you can infuse some serious good karma into your brand that will multiply over time.

Organ donation typically happens post-mortem (don’t tell this to the Bad Art Friend), but thankfully your brand can be generous while it’s still kickin’.

Have a do-the-kind-thing weekend, everybody!

—Your always-got-your-back friends at Brokaw

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