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Halloween is the perfect time to try a new look. A one-person temporary rebrand, if you will.  

And in honor of the nearing (creeping?) holiday, we’re sharing some of the ways brands have made themselves over: the good, the bad, and the outright “EEK!”-inducing.

Dunkin’ drops the donuts

Given the most loyal customers already had their preferred nickname for this New England staple, this streamlined rebrand actually made sense. Imagine that!

Plus, nixing “donuts” helps them branch out into packaged coffees, K-cups, and other findings beyond the drive through. (It’s still Brokaw’s least favorite coffee, though, sad face emoji.)

Soccer team gets socked

Sports fans are passionate—to an almost-scary degree. So, Columbus Crew drew a red card when they redesigned the team logo and changed the name without so much as running it by the regulars at the local Buffalo Wild Wings.

After enough complaints, they met in the middle and smoothed things over. But let this be a reminder: when dealing with fervent followers who are also responsible for filling seats, be sure to clue them in.

Gap gets techy

In 2010, Gap ditched their iconic, serif type logo for some bland, Silicon Valley-inspired nonsense. The change shoved the box into a corner to create a uniquely not-great boxterisk.

After surely ruining some poor designer’s sanity and spending over $100 million on the change, this makeover lasted…all of six days. Public outcry reached staggering levels, and then they went back to the old logo. Like they say in the fashion world: what’s sort of old is not really new again but at least people don’t hate it as much as something else.

Facebook gets a facelift

This one’s fresh. On Thursday, Facebook announced it’s changing the company name to “Meta.” (But is it…this meta?) As M. Zucky noted, “It is time for us to adopt a new company brand to encompass everything we do.” How serendipitous to change it up right now, given, you know, everything!

Only time will tell if everyone (and more importantly, their mothers) will adjust to this situation, or if there’s a New Coke-esque implosion on the horizon.

So as you alter your appearance, whether for one night or for brand eternity, remember to involve the right people, know why you’re making these moves, and prepare to answer a lot of questions. 

By the way: have you voted in our costume contest yet?

Have a supernaturally-forward-looking weekend, everybody!

—Your always-down-to-dress-up friends at Brokaw

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