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Wastebaskets full of candy wrappers. Stubborn flakes of face paint from last night’s Joker costume. Truly terrifying hangovers.

Such is the chaos Halloween 2019 leaves in its wake.

While the holiday may be officially over, you can keep the spooky spirit alive. Because as we astutely observed on Twitter, “‘surprise and delight’ is just the advertising version of ‘trick-or-treat.’” (Press the follow button for more prescient thoughts like this one.)

Here are some Snickers-free ways to keep your people perennially pleased:

Delightful drop-offs

Universal truth: Everyone loves free stuff. And when you bring the free stuff to them? Even better. Dropping off samples or coupons is a great way to win new fans, and swag makes for a great ice breaker if your brand is just settling into the neighborhood.

Social media surprises

Social media is great for shooting your complaints into the depths of the internet. It’s also awesome for speaking to your exact audience. Kleenex combined the two by reaching out to those who posted about being sick and gifting them with get-well items. (Delivered by friends and family because…germs.) By staying on top of the conversation around your product, you can stay top of mind for customers.

Morale boosters

Don’t forget to keep your internal team on their toes, too. Nothing boosts morale like a company-wide email announcing that you’re celebrating a recent win by closing a little early, like offering a surprise trip to Australia, or like toasting with free snacks in the kitchen. With out-of-the-blue incentives, you can keep everyone guessing in the best possible way.

With some small gestures, you can build strong brand loyalty. And perhaps next year, your customers’ Halloween costumes will surprise and delight you with some sweet earned media.

Have an exhilarating weekend, everybody!

—Your always-treat-never-trick friends at Brokaw

‘Surprise and delight’ is just the advertising version of ‘trick-or-treat.’

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