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Alcohol has been augmenting reality since the first caveman got so bombed that drawing on the walls of his living room seemed like a good idea. In the year 2019, alcohol is still presenting things not quite as they seem–but now, it’s thanks to technological advances, not just beer goggles.

While other companies have struggled to incorporate augmented reality (AR) in an organic way, the adult beverage industry has blazed a trail with thought provoking (and straight-up fun) AR experiences. Let the fermentation be your inspiration:  

Build your user experience

Bogle Vineyards’ Phantom varietals have point-of-purchase neck hangers that encourage you to follow the ghostly apparition into a full-blown AR encounter, complete with on-brand puzzles and sweepstakes opportunities conjured out of thin air.

All of which gives you a heckuva lot more personality than some one-dimensional wine label. Consider using AR to create an immersive atmosphere around your product.

Tell an origin story

The real trailblazers in this category are the brilliant minds behind 19 Crimes. When scanned, every wine label animates to tell the tale of one of the 19 prisoners who was exiled to the then-penal colony of Australia.

Whoever said crime doesn’t pay was wrong—the vintner has experienced 104% year-over-year depletions, and they’ve since expanded the platform to include their other brands.

Maybe you don’t have any charismatic convicts to feature, but you almost certainly have an origin story worth sharing. Use AR to time travel to your genesis and build up your own legend.

Do a party trick

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Miller Lite coded their cans to spawn a jolly little leprechaun that performed feats like snake charming and lighting up the flute. It was some harmless, branded fun that showed Miller Lite exploring a new frontier in a festive way. (Plus, it gave people waiting in line for the bathroom something to do.) All of which goes to show that AR also provides a new avenue for surprise and delight.

We’ll drink to that.  

Have a visually deceptive weekend, everybody!

—Your even-better-than-they-seem friends at Brokaw

The adult beverage industry has blazed a trail with thought provoking (and straight-up fun) AR experiences.

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