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When we reflect on these strange, strange times, we’ll remember the at-home haircut atrocities. We’ll be able to practically smell the sourdough, taste the quaran-tinis, and be instantly vaulted back to spring 2020 every time we pull on sweatpants.

But I’d argue we’re still missing a collective soundtrack for these universally troubling times. Enter the jingle.

Jingles are short, they’re sweet, they’re light and fun and momentarily allow you to forget your circumstances. And unlike all the pandemic ads, they are not scored by a sentimental (but somehow, existential dread-y?) piano track.

And with all the TV we’re watching, web we’re surfing, and Hulu ads we’re being served, no one has to go out of their way to actually learn the words. With enough exposure, that “Weggsday” bridge will be implanted in your brain effortlessly.

If you’re a vegan and/or an otherwise egg-averse individual, no problem. Maybe it’s the easily-made-from-home format or a nostalgia for very-much-precedented times, but lately, there’s been a deluge of these little ditties.

Popeyes invited struggling musicians to submit their own take on the chicken brand’s tag and will even feature selected submissions in upcoming TV and radio spots. Take note: ads are the coolest new music venues, you guys.

Pabst breathed new life into a 1950s jingle and made an inspiring ode to creativity that united 11 artists from across industries. (Bonus points for including the bouncy ball that lets you sing along.)

The Ad Council released a song about the importance of checking in on your friends right now. The message pops, yes, but so do the fun graphics and social media visual tie-ins.

So, find the song that speaks to you and listen in moderation. After all, if it’s a jingle worth knowing, you won’t have to do any of the work. And for the sake of your company in quarantine—limit the replays.

Have a charmingly-soundtracked weekend, everybody!

—Your always-on-beat friends at Brokaw

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