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Not everything ages well. See: Clotted cream. The Harlem Shake. John Travolta. And definitely not those 1940s-era cigarette ads with cuckoo claims like “Luckies are less irritating to the throat.”

In fact, they now look like straight-up parodies. Hindsight’s 20/20!* But if these campaigns proved anything, it’s that one person wearing a white coat adds a lot of credibility**.

Which is why today’s healthcare marketers should consider embracing their OG influencers as part of their social strategies. To be clear: we’re talking about leveraging credentialed PhDs, RNs, and other pros with the appropriate training and certifications and stethoscopes—not the scammers pushing flat tummy tea and at-home contraction monitors.

Yes, it’d be a nice redemption story on behalf of their cig-prescribing predecessors. But more importantly, it would help put a name and a face to brands in an industry that often gets a bad rap for lacking a human touch. (Ironic, given that touching humans is kind of their whole deal.)

And featuring different expert profiles, preventative health tips, screening reminders, or info that directly combats the pseudo-science that infiltrates Facebook and Insta are all great places to start. Especially given that all patient age groups are active on The Web™, (even seniors—one of the demos most susceptible to social media misinformation) we can use this world-wide forum for good: to build trust, bust myths, and make healthcare more human.

And those benefits will hold true for a long, long time.  

Have a totally robust weekend, everybody!

—Your eating-an-apple-a-day friends at Brokaw

*Not a confirmed medical fact

**Also: that big tobacco is straight up BAD NEWS.

We can use this world-wide forum for good: to build trust, bust myths, and make healthcare more human.

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