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I don’t know about you, but I’m still recovering from last week’s huge news.  

I’m referring, of course, to the decision made by Domino’s (and its new CMO, Art D’Elia) to split with hallowed ad institution Crispin Porter Bogusky in favor of the young blood, Boulder-based WorkInProgress.

D’Elia credited the independent agency for “having the flexibility and nimbleness we need during these quickly changing times.”

Much fist pumping and elbow bumping ensued at indie agencies across the land. And while this is a win for slingshot-wielding Davids everywhere, we can all take measures to improve our advertising agility.

Here’s a (mental) exercise regimen that’ll help.

Stretch daily

You have a lot to offer outside your specific role, so don’t let a strict job description get you down. Always do what you can to support the efforts of others—just like when you were an intern, eager to jump in as needed. Stretch your self-imposed limits and get back out there, tiger.

Discipline over process

Having a rigid workflow can improve your department or agency’s efficiency. But it can also get in the way of quick-turn opportunities. So, work to internalize the essence of your process, and treat it more as a discipline. Everything moves faster (like, Allyson Felix fast) when we focus on only the most important checkpoints.

Core and scale

Present a flexible team structure to your clients and focus on creating a core group of strategic leaders who know the brand and its needs inside out. Then pull in teammates (and partners) who can bring a fresh perspective and wicked cool skills to the challenge.

One more rep

Like training for anything, the key to making great work is often pushing yourself one more time. One more idea. A bonus tactic not yet discussed. Another round of revisions to be ready for market. One last go at the grueling package delivery gauntlet. It’s draining in the moment, but the results are energizing (and future celebration-capturing). Only the most flexible teams stick to it.

Feeling practically elastic at this point? Wonderful. Go spread that indie spirit.

Have a loosened up weekend, everybody!

—Your shifting-on-a-dime friends at Brokaw

we can all take measures to improve our advertising agility.

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