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Well, if by STEPs we mean the tremendously specific acronym STEP TRACKING EXERCISER PERSONs, then there are approximately 20 million of them clogging up the sidewalks.

Roughly 6.2% of the population answers to a mobile robot that vigilantly tracks daily steps, exercise, and heart activity. They’re a group closely connected to (and constantly reminded of) their personal health, thanks to an ongoing relationship with technology.

So, what’s their deal?

STEPs are healthy to the (apple) core.

When you compulsively tabulate calories burned and flights climbed, you probably also spend more time choosing your fuel. STEPs are passionate about high-quality food, organic ingredients, and holistic health. They’re not afraid to try a new diet or weight-loss plan in a quest to break bad food habits.

STEPs aren’t afraid of tech.

You guessed it: the bearers of wrist computers are pretty skilled at using new tech. While not to be confused with the geek squad who live for the next shiny gadget (SEE: my house that makes the average smart home look like a dunce), they gravitate toward cutting-edge tech that organizes and simplifies their busy lives.

STEPs go hand-in-hand with their phones.

This demographic has grown up with cell phones and can’t imagine life without them. They’re an invaluable bridge to social circles, entertainment, and news. A STEP is nothing without their phone. (How else could they snap that post-run selfie?)

STEPs never stop moving.

Whether on the treadmill or around the globe, this group is always on-the-go:

  • 89% have traveled domestically in the past 12 months, and 51% have gone abroad in the past 3 years.
  • 65% claim “I make sure I exercise regularly.”
  • 65% admit “When I am sick, I still drag myself to work.” (Editor’s note: Gross!)

STEPs are 100% more likely to be interested in being a Healthy Fan.*

Shameless client plug! We just launched the second annual Healthy Fan Challenge as part of the partnership between University Hospitals and the (SUDDENLY EXCITING!?!?) Cleveland Browns. It’s geared toward our beloved STEPs—they earn entries for registering, syncing a Fitbit, and completing step and activity goals.

Last year, the Dawg Pound collectively took more than 512 million steps (enough to walk across the U.S. about nine and a half times). Check it out: UHhealthyfan.com.

Have a fully-charged weekend, everybody! (Seriously, there’s nothing worse than lost steps.)

-Your allied-in-wellness friends at Brokaw

* I mean, probably. Other stats used throughout, however, are totally legit and come from Data source: Simmons 2018.

We just launched the 2nd annual Healthy Fan Challenge as part of the partnership between @UHhospitals and the @Browns UHhealthyfan.com.

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