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Life’s looking a little different across, you know, the entire world. And while you can be a hero just by staying in, planting on your couch, and blowing through “Tiger King” (good luck getting “I Saw Tiger” out of your head), know you’re in good company.

In the midst of all this uncertainty, big brands have stepped up to help ease the burden placed upon medical professionals, equipment manufacturers, customers, and their own employees.

Raising awareness

Coke’s spreading the love in Times Square (from a distance of at least six feet, of course). Miss Chiquita is hopefully doing self-care face masks at home. And McDonald’s is self-isolating the golden arches.

Brands are using their widespread reach to educate customers on the guidelines laid down by the World Health Organization (WHO). These serve as quick and easy reminders, best paired with…empowering employees with the resources to follow guidelines laid down by the WHO.

Changing practices

By delivering beer to our doorsteps and carting groceries to our porches, the food and restaurant industries are working way overtime to ensure as little exposure as possible. (Not to mention the everyday people who are helping connect the most vulnerable populations with the things they need.) Here’s to the heroes delivering six-packs and the makings for martinis. Tip these sanity-restoring saviors accordingly!

Collaborating for the cause

From local and global brands making hand sanitizer to companies coming in clutch with Zoom backgrounds that improve on your makeshift home office (overturned laundry basket desk in a closet), big names are tapping into their capabilities to serve as genuinely helpful resources in these trying times.

And while no one expects you to manufacture face shields for medical professionals, you can do your part by staying inside and looking after others.

However you choose to help, know that we’re all in this together.

Stay healthy, everybody!

—Your socially-distant, emotionally-very-present friends at Brokaw

In the midst of all this uncertainty, big brands have stepped up to help ease the burden.

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