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Welcome to the season of feels, everybody.

From spreading the love at Brosgiving, everyone’s favorite annual holiday tradition…

…to feigning indifference to the opening and closing airport scenes from Love Actually

…to curling up on the plastic-covered couch in your childhood home with a book that taps into the emotionally driven human truth of un-becoming your parents. (Remember: the waiter doesn’t need to know your name.)

We admit it: we love getting in touch with our feelings. Because we know—and here comes the cold-and-businessy-part—emotion SELLS.

Your board of directors right now:

According to research conducted by USC’s Master of Science in Applied Psychology program, an emotional response to an ad or to social content has far greater influence on a consumer’s intent to buy a product than an ad’s rational content.

In fact, “likeability” is the most predictive measurement of whether an ad will increase sales.

For more data-driven “emotional support,” the MIT Media Lab spin-off Affectiva used artificial intelligence to analyze over 10 million consumer responses to more than 53,000 ads in 90 countries, collected over eight years. Their key findings? Engaging viewers’ emotions drives attention and memory and improves sales results.

(Don’t you just love it when AI recommends being human?)

IN SUMMARY: If you can connect your content to consumers in refreshingly relatable, emotionally honest ways, you have a far greater chance of being remembered, and ultimately, selected. To quote the good book:

Think about it.

No wait: feel about it.

Have a feelings-filled holiday season, everybody!

—Your emotionally invested friends at Brokaw

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