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Given that people have been toiling away in the digital world for virtually (good double entendre) the past year, the itch to get out of the house is palpable—like, mosquito bites level of scratchiness.

And as people return to the great outdoors, your brand should consider it, too. Because with this old-yet-new placement comes some out-of-this-world out-of-home opportunities.

For example: your current idea of a crazy adventure may mean skipping curbside pickup and actually going inside the store to grab your cow juice. Well, the people at Got Milk see your daring dairy rescue and raise you this udder-ly unbelievable billboard that will have you sweating out all the bovine proteins.

Lactose-intolerant? Then you can always take a cue from Toyota’s equally climbable boards.

Even if your execution doesn’t require grappling ropes, intriguing out-of-home concepts are still straight money. No, really!

Because as the totally unbiased experts at OOH Today note: “Chances of noticing and recalling a message are enhanced right now, given the psychology that, after a year and half of staying inside, people are more receptive to and aware of their surroundings.”

So does that mean consumers will be especially attuned to the enticing smoke trails leading to their favorite fast food place? Almost certainly!

If you’re still awaiting your return to normal and prefer to stay in your comfort zone, of course, that’s okay too. Just make like our friends at Mechanics Bank and bring your out-of-home activation a little closer to your corner of the world (and/or couch).

Have a fresh-air-filled weekend, everybody!

—Your safely-out-and-about friends at Brokaw

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