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Happy early Valentine’s Day!

(Yes, this is our heavy-handed reminder that although time is currently on hiatus, you should buy flowers and/or candy for your significant other.)

Before we pull out the construction paper, glitter, and googly eyes to create our own epic cards, we thought it’d be fun for our little blog to do, you know, its own version of that.

So we asked some of Brokaw’s brightest minds to shout out their own blogentines.

Just Posted Blog

“She finds the best deals, so I’ve been able to safely shop online and treat myself here and there. Plus, her gift lists are AMAZING.
– Jess, Director of Strategic Planning

Grammar Girl

“I’m a nerd, and I spend a lot of time checking out the grammar girl posts. She is a wealth of information when it comes to grammar and punctuation. She also looks at word/phrase origins like ‘How come we say how come?’ Or she’ll compare similar words like ‘Continuously vs Continually.’
– Holly, Traffic Manager, Copy Editor, and (of course) Proofreader

Wait But Why

“This is my favorite blog. It’s mostly simple explanations of complicated existential questions featuring stick figures.”
– Mark, Creative Director

Cool Tools

“Here’s a good blog about product recommends run by one of the guys who invented the internet.”
– Mark (again)

Brain Pickings

“A quality literature/deep thinking blog.”
– Mark (Sheesh. Mark really loves blogs, you guys.)

James Clear

“Just the dorky personal growth stuff that I love to think about.”
– Jayme, Director of Business Development

Fonts in Use

“This is a fun one for people who love type!”
– Kelsey, Graphic Designer

Vintage Revivals and Addicted to DIY

“Pinterest usually passes me along to one of these sites.”
– Me!

Mr. Money Mustache

“This is written by a guy whose financial sense allowed him to retire at the ripe young age of 28. It’s like a playbook that’s helped me pay off a large portion of my debt and cut living expenses by about 30%.”
– Megan, Senior Media Strategist

Trash is for Tossers

“A blog that helps you live more consciously. The author lives in NYC and lives a trash-free lifestyle by never throwing things away.
– Megan (Who also loves blogs, but apparently, not quite as much as blog-addict Mark.)

We could go on, but 10’s a nice, round number—plus, we ran out of construction paper.

As we all strive to collect blogentines of our own, it can help to examine what unites these wide-ranging objects of our cyber attention: They all carve out an own-able niche with healthy infusions of personality and inspiration. To put it plainly: they’re useful.

Have an absolutely lovely weekend, everybody!

—Your glitter-happy friends at Brokaw

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