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Halloween is my favorite holiday. In my opinion, totally underrated amongst the Christmases and Fourth of Julys of the year—and sometimes, underutilized by brands.

It’s Halloween, and it’s not just for candy companies anymore.

Sleep with the dead.

To celebrate Halloween, Airbnb ran a promotion offering the chance for a one night’s stay in the largest cemetery in the world, the Paris Catacombs. Want to sleep amid the remains of around six million people in this underground graveyard? Now you can, and you’ll be the first person ever to wake up in the catacombs, alive.

Be Scary. Be Safe with Volvo.

Halloween is one of the most fatal nights of the year when it comes to car accidents. In response to this, Volvo evolved its LifePaint, originally created for cyclists. To celebrate the spooky holiday safely, the car manufacturer created Halloween-themed downloadable stencils to illuminate trick-or-treaters in contact with headlights.


Take a chance.

Last, but certainly not least, the Burger King Halloween-themed Whopper—complete with a black bun full of A1 Sauce. We’ve covered this genius in a recent blog post, and I think it’s worth bringing up again. Green poop or not, this eerie burger generated massive attention for the brand and sold out at many locations within days of its launch.

The moral of the story is that your product category—be it hospitality, automotive, or fast food—does not always dictate opportunity to engage in a conversation. Unique, relevant, and truthful marketing can break down pseudo silos and allow consumers to consider your products or services in a new and different way.

Candy might “own” this holiday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t “rent” it relevantly while it’s here.

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