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In the wake of Weird Al Yankovic’s recent #1 album of parody songs, I thought I’d put together a few spoofs of my own:

  • Thank You For Being a Brand
  • You’ve Got a Brand in Me
  • The Wind Beneath My Brand Wings

Golden Girls

As you can see, I (hilariously) inserted the word “brand” into songs about friendship. (Weird Al Who-ovic?) Because the fact is, the skills needed to start a bromance/she-lationship™ are similar to those used in building a brand-consumer relationship. In short, maybe your brand needs to learn how to make friends. And knowing this, recent psychological discoveries about meeting friends as an adult are worth their weight in marketing gold.

  • Show up more – That’s right… the more time consumers spend with your brand, the more they may begin to like you. Psychologists call it the mere-exposure effect. So, increase your social presence. Or hit the streets every day like the Pasta Patrol. And eventually, you and the consumer will be like kissing cousins. (Gross.)
  • Use real people talk – Nobody wants to be friends with the weirdo at the party who constantly shouts his brand attributes in their face. “I run marathons and have a 4.0 GPA.” (Weird sentence, weirdo.) Like we’ve said a thousand times – stay away from the blah blah.
  • And less psychologically proven, but true all the same – be a good listener. You have to truly know your target audience before you can give them what they want. You can’t just make it up like in my favorite least favorite Weird Al song, Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch

So the next time you’re thinking of new ways to connect with consumers, just try using your instincts as a good friend. If you don’t have any – start singing, “That’s What Brands Are For.” It’ll come to you.

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