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Wow, I’m so happy the whole family could join us for Thanksgiving this year.

Before we eat, I’d like to share a few things I’m thankful for: bag fries, room-temperature grape soda, and heated car seats. But even more, I’m thankful for great video editing. And I think you should be, too. (Please pay attention, Grandma.) 

Let me begin with a controversial statement: I believe editing is the most important step in production.

Hear me out. The editing process is responsible for a lot of what the audience takes in. It establishes a tone, sets the pacing and rhythm, drives the story, builds emotion, and even fixes production mistakes. Editing is a puzzle with endless outcomes that, when done poorly, can take the viewer out of the story or make a project completely unwatchable, regardless of how well it’s written or shot. (No, you’re being dramatic, Aunt Jean!) 

Cousin Braden, you watch Zack Snyder’s Justice League every night, right? How often do you watch the original Justice League movie? Never. That’s what I thought. It’s because the “Snyder cut” tells the story in an infinitely more exciting way.  

Dad, remember why you sent everybody that  Nike commercial about a year ago? No, not because you “love shoes.” It’s because it’s brilliantly edited.  

Aunt Jean, despite draping doilies on everything you own, you (somehow) have great taste in film. Heck, you’ve requested this Edgar Wright montage to be played at your funeral because of “how he makes what-should-be mundane moments so interesting.” (Here’s the secret: great editing.) 

Now, if someone would kindly wake up Grandma, I’d like to show you all a few ways we at Favorite Brother have used editing to tell stories in a fun way.

Listen, I know every step and person in a production is extremely important. But it’s how a video comes together that ultimately decides whether the audience will be invested or uninterested. And when they’re connecting with that sweet content, we should all be a little more thankful for editing. Thank you for indulging me. Now dig in. 

(Grandma, could you please stop writing me out of your will and pass the lukewarm potatoes?) 

Have a perfectly edited holiday, everybody.  

-Your storytelling friends in Cleveland. 

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