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In a world currently lacking mass events, public gatherings, the Kids’ Choice Awards, and a larger sense of general normalcy, Twitch is the one thing bringing us all together. (Well, that and guessing how to pronounce “X Æ A-12.”)

For all you newbs, Twitch is a social network/livestreaming platform/object of obsession for your internet-addicted nieces and nephews.

It’s primarily focused on live broadcasts where creators stream themselves playing a video game, complete with personal narration and community chat functions. But that’s just level one if you will: there are also categories for music, performing arts, sports, fitness, and cooking.

With over 140 million unique monthly users, there’s an opportunity to beat your ROI high score—all thanks to these factors.

New users

People have burned through “Tiger King,” narrated their dogs’ lives, and scrapped their sourdough. Meanwhile, live-streams provide new content on a second-by-second basis. No wonder Twitch has broken all kinds of viewership records. Given shelter-in-place restrictions, entirely new, diverse audiences are joining daily.

Passionate communities

The people who use Twitch love Twitch. There are annual events—like TwitchCon—that turn this virtual world into a reality. And users are devoted to their favorite personalities, helping raise millions in charity drives and attending virtual dance parties in unprecedented numbers. If you speak to your core Twitch audience correctly, they just might channel that passion into your brand, too.

Influencer partnerships

Through Twitch Partners, brands team up with live-streamers who can share promotional creative with a more authentic feel. And while many influencer-based ideas have had to pivot given current circumstances, Twitch celebrities are proving it’s one of the most pandemic-proof jobs available.

Check out their advertising services (and talk to us) to see how Twitch can help your media plan hit its personal best. Look out: you might get sucked into a tunnel of Fortnite dances, Sims gaming, and Animal Crossing collabs. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Have an I-scream-for-live-stream weekend, everybody!

—Your Twitch-tastic friends at Brokaw

For all you newbs, @Twitch is a social network/live-streaming platform/object of obsession for your internet-addicted nieces and nephews.

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