utm_source: utm_medium: utm_content: brokaw | onews | 5 Social Tips For Super Bowl 50.

The Super Bowl isn’t all about the big-screen anymore. Predictions say viewers will split time watching live TV with using their mobile devices. So if your brand doesn’t have 5 million dollars to spend on a 30-second TV commercial, then social strategy can get you in on the action.

Other than using trending hashtags, consider these tips to pull your brand off the sidelines:

  • Prepare to join the conversation one week prior to Super Bowl. Brands are strategically releasing ads earlier online. Last year, BMW released their “Newfangled Idea” spot a week prior. The result? BMW hit record views on YouTube in two days, and grew their Twitter following by 42 percent and Facebook following by 58 percent in that same time frame.
  • Be relevant without overtly pushing your products and services. This isn’t the time to being all salesy. Make your followers laugh or entertain them, similar to this hilarious Newcastle Brown Ale endorsement by Anna Kendrick. Just be sure to stick to your brand voice.
  • Incorporate GIFs and pictures. Break up newsfeeds with unexpected visuals in timely moments. Last year, when New England’s Malcolm Butler intercepted a pass by Russell Wilson at the goal line, winning the game for the Patriots, Cheerios’ real-time image below scored a touchdown with fans and virtually won “The Super Bowl of Social.”


  • Interact with your followers to drive engagement. Whether it’s a reply, retweet, or like, give your followers a nudge and join their conversations.


  • Get ready for spur of the moment content creation. Remember Oreo’s “dunk in the dark” tweet during the power outage? Touchdown Oreos!

Exit pop-ups are .007% less annoying than intro pop-ups.

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