The moment you step into our office, you’ll notice things are a little different here. For starters, there is a huge “FREE” painted on our wall. Strange, you think. Maybe it’s to celebrate all the brilliant “free” thinkers here. Or the “free” forum of insights and ideas exchanged here every day. Don’t over-think it, Socrates. We just like giant free stamps.

Like the one located down the street from us. But don’t worry, this wall will probably change soon. In fact, our entire space will. Things move pretty quickly around here. That’s why we created this handy lil’ guide. To make sure some things never change, like our culture and the work.

So, what are a few Brokaw rules for ruling?

Find the positive. If you don’t like something, by all means tell someone. Don’t let it fester. But sometimes, the harder thing is to identify what you DO LIKE. And what IS working. Let’s focus on that. And for the stuff you don’t like, offer your ideas on how to improve it. In short, “Don’t b#tch, pitch.”

D.W.Y.S.Y.D. (Do what you said you’d do.) There’s no quicker way to undermine teamwork and trust, than failure to follow through on a promise. So be a person of your word. Especially if your word is something sweet, like “Cookie Balls.”

Make your own luck. Don’t let failures, obstacles, nasty setbacks, or crazy superstitions keep you on the sidelines. There’s always another (usually better) opportunity right around the corner to hit it out of the park. You just need more at-bats, slugger (and maybe less sports metaphors?). Never mind the fact that today is Friday the 13th. Get out there and own it. Like Freddie Krueger owned Jason. You never know, today might be the day all your dreams come true. Right, WestJet passengers?