Sure, we all know connecting with our audience has always been about knowing exactly who we’re talking to. And what we’re talking about. But now more than ever in today’s “#DidBiebsJustGetArrested” über-connected world, it’s when we deliver that message, too.

Just like Mom used to say, timing is everything. Which is why it’s crucial for us to know when the best time to tweet, post, blog, call, email, drag race in Miami, and NOT do a live postgame interview on national TV— right, Richard?

It’s also important for us to realize when it’s best to just zip it. Perhaps MLK Day is not the perfect time to attach your witty corporate hashtag to the most important voice of the Civil Rights Movement. #PoorFormEquinox

If you feel compelled to say something, just remember to keep it simple, tasteful, and relevant. Or hilariously entertaining 24/7, like DiGiorno’s twitter handle. (Isn’t it time your brand’s social voice was this engaging and buzzworthy?)

Speaking of time, if anyone is interested… lunchtime #Broga will be commencing in the west conference room in 15 minutes. (p.s. Aaron, there’s no sharing mats this time.)