Inspiration. Where does it come from?

The answer, as we all know, is space. But what if space isn’t answering your calls for ideas to solve your most pressing problem?

Unfortunately, the creative slump is real. And it can creep up on us at any time like an unexpected brain fart. Silent but deadly.

Truth is, a lot of our creativity is bottlenecked because we’re stuck in a routine. Cassie Hughes, co-founder of Grow Marketing, says it best. “Human nature pulls us toward predictability, but habit is the enemy of creativity. You need to shake things up.”

“How can I shake things up?” you might ask. Well for starters, turn off that computer (after reading this, of course). Whip out a pen and paper. Or a charcoal pencil and parchment roll. Or a crayon and doily. And look for areas in or out of the office for a change of scenery.

Or heck, do something else entirely and come back to your project. Somewhat ironically, this very blog post was composed in the Brokaw kitchen with a chewed-up Bic pen on the back of an old creative pitch deck (immediately after making a hot bowl of deer chili). Inspiration is funny that way.

Still not feeling it, you say? It might be good to play to your strengths and ask yourself what gets your creative juices flowing.

  • What time of day are you most creative? After your morning Cup o’ Joe? Or as you burn the midnight oil?
  • Is collaboration a key factor to you generating inspiration? What people make you tick? And do they mind if you call them at 2AM?
  • Is there creative content that has you thinking differently lately? Podcasts? Vimeo Staff Picks?
  • Do you keep an ever-growing inspiration folder? Digital images from Physical prints you find at the antique mall?

The creative slump can creep up on us at any time like an unexpected brain fart.

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No matter what or where it may be, your next great source of inspiration is just waiting for you to find it—brimming with great ideas that will change your brand/job/life. So get out there and try something new. Come Tuesday (Happy Memorial Day!) those brain farts might have you smelling like roses (sorry).

Have a switch-em-ups weekend, everyone!
– Your finger-pullin’ friends at Brokaw.