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The votes are in…your Mom is the #1 World’s Greatest Mom! And we (along with the rest of the world) would like to talk with her.

The fact is, in the advertising world, we’re asked to target Moms often. Why? Because they’re the number one influencers in the economy. Which also means there are a whole lot of marketers targeting Mom—especially (redundancy alert!) “Busy Moms.”

So how can your brand best make a connection with matriarchs everywhere? Well, here in Account Service Land, it’s all about the strategy. Strategy that leads to work that is simple, memorable, and rooted in human truths surrounding motherhood.

For some brands, that means exaggerating Mom’s acts of love. Adding humor to Mom’s universal heartaches gets her to laugh at herself and allows the rest of us to appreciate her ways even more.

As an alternative to humor, other brands choose to reach Moms by pulling at her heart-strings. Sure, emotional storytelling has been around for years—but these days, “shareable” advertising is what moves the needle. And generating genuine emotion can fuel Mom’s desire to be an advocate for your brand and socially share your advertising.

However you decide to start a conversation with Mom, just make sure you don’t talk down to her. And don’t patronize her. Because Moms have the toughest job in the world.

Have a Mom’s-the-bomb-dot-com weekend, everybody! –Your mother-loving (and poor-word-choosing) friends at Brokaw

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