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Look: the holidays can be stressful.

Especially when you’ve been too consumed with re-learning fourth grade teach-from-home curricula (curse you, fractions!) to even consider getting all “holly,” much less “jolly.”

Luckily, your pals at Brokaw have everything you need to get in the festive spirit. Move over, North Pole. Downtown Cleveland is now the official headquarters of holiday magic.

Your holiday card

Sending “season’s greetings” is a logistical nightmare for even the most photogenic families—and a medical mandate is an amazing excuse to avoid licking envelopes. Why not send one of our warm and fuzzy, zero-waste Facebook-friendly cards to your nearest and dearest instead?

Your gifts

Commemorate a year unlike any other with items from the Brokaw holiday shop. Between sweatshirts, face masks, and comfy tees, we have the whole family covered. (Their mouths and noses, too.) We’re not saying these will eventually end up in a Smithsonian exhibit on 2020…but we’re not NOT saying it, either.

Plus, all proceeds will go to Cleveland’s Community Health Center COVID Services Collaborative, so you can feel good about gifting them #selfcare.

Your Zoom activity

If virtual Thanksgiving fizzled for lack of small talk, boy, do we have the solution for you. Gather the family for our “fact or fiction” quiz, where you’ll try to separate phony headlines from real ones. It’s so much more illuminating (and mildly less soul-melting) than arguing over politics!

Instagram - Fact or Fiction

Your annual portrait

Whether you simply need to wring at least one good selfie out of the holiday season or just want proof that you’ve survived thus far, our (sadly) relatable GIF stickers can add a little special something to all your pics.

Your holiday entertainment

After a year that saw unprecedented levels of screen time, you might not have the patience to sit in front of an hour-long claymation special. Luckily, our holiday PSAs run just around 15 seconds. Plus, they have helpful, healthful tips. (Take that, The Heat Miser!)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qpoo1T5VA8g&rel=0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-p9oO4pH_uU&rel=0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmqtE5M4YYo&rel=0

Here’s hoping these offerings help reduce your seasonal stress. Now, if you don’t mind, us elves have to get back to work. A lot of people wrote us asking for banner ads this year.

Move over, North Pole. Downtown Cleveland is now the official headquarters of holiday magic.

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