3, 2, 1, huzzah! It’s a new year! It’s a fresh start! It’s a Wednesday!

The end of a year means something different to everyone. And what a year it was. Miley Cyrus busted out her achy breaky twerk with a little person. Vine was the hot social media trend for about six seconds. And apparently, Alan Thicke’s son is a singer with six albums under his belt. (And no, I’m not referring to his TV son, Ben Seaver…yet.)

But alas, it’s time for consumers and brands alike to cleanse themselves of 2013 – whether your year was the crème de la crème or riddled with faux pas. (We’re looking at you, lululemon. And we can see your faux pas.)

So, we comprised a list of resolutions that will help make your journey into the unknown as fruitful as possible.

  • Facebook harder! – With the introduction of more video capabilities coupled with cross-device expansion, Facebook is still likely to be the social medium to beat in the upcoming year. So, all brands aboard! (Hear that, Myspace?)
  • Mobilize your brand – Thanks to smartphones and tablets, the world is our office. So if you haven’t developed a mobile version of your website yet, the world is holding your calls.
  • Pinch less pennies – If you’re going to nickel and dime your product’s marketing, then you’re going to get back what you spend. Some big ideas are simply worth the money. If you don’t believe me, ask Coca-Cola. Or Skittles.
  • Trust the experts – A lot of stars have to be aligned for great advertising to see the light of day. But when a brand doesn’t trust their agency, it’s nearly impossible. And with great trust, comes great breadsticks-wearing-wigs advertising – and buzz.
  • Quit eating Hot Pockets – Sorry, that one’s for us.

So, as this year barrels forward like a runaway train (because that’s what years do), remember these resolutions. Because cancelling your 30-day trial gym membership on Day 6 is expected, but ignoring a chance for free/mobile/brilliant brand marketing is a real lululemon of a faux pas.