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Person up your brand

what is this? A simple, free, choose-your-own-adventure brand personality enhancer.

what isn’t this? No awkward Zooms. No commitment. No grades. No strings attached.

what do I get? Three (3) emails with pure, uncut brand personality-making-better info.

why should I do it? Because in today’s data-driven marketing world, brand personality is the X factor—the unique voice, tone, and perspective that consumers identify with, connect to, and eventually marry. (Or, okay, become loyal customers of.)

For instance, emotionally connected consumers represent:
306% higher lifetime value5.1 years of brand loyalty (vs. 3.4 years)71% likelihood to recommend their favorite brand (vs. 45%)†

why brokaw? Because this is what we do: help brands discover their unique personality which, when combined with relevant data and analytics, builds meaningful, long-term relationships with consumers. Like these personality plus brands: