Oh, Amazon. I love you in the most embarrassing of ways.

Your little brown boxes with the smiling arrows, appearing on my doorstep in the blink of an eye. The giddiness I feel inside when I meticulously open a package with my car keys, even though I know exactly what’s inside. The times you’ve bailed me out of the misery that is holiday shopping, or dropped something like a package of socks on my doorstep without revealing my sloth-like ways to the outside world. You’ve gotten me through some tough times.

I used to hop on Amazon for very specific needs. Something hard to find. Something big and bulky. Something overpriced at my closest brick-and-mortar. Never in a million years did I think I’d consider using Amazon for consumer packaged goods (CPG) like cleaning products or make-up, but they just keep making it easier.

Back in March, Amazon revealed its Dash Button service. Out of laundry detergent? Not to worry! Just push that little button you stuck to the side of your machine, and you’ll have a refill in no time.

Then there was the announcement of Dash Replenishment Service, a venture with device manufacturers designed to drive consumable goods purchases. Imagine a button for ordering freshly ground coffee built right into the side of your coffee machine. Or an automatic pet food dispenser that is wired to place an order when the amount of food remaining drops to a certain level.

And in more recent news, a test location for grocery pick-ups is in the works, a follow up to the brand’s grocery delivery service, AmazonFresh.

While these services might not take root tomorrow, we need to start thinking about how we’re going to evolve our approach to CPG marketing. How will key point-of-sale differentiators like shelf positioning, endcaps, in-store signage, coupon machines, and sampling live digitally? Will touch-of-the-button technology drive frequency and loyalty, but perhaps inhibit impulse shopping or new product trial? One thing is for sure, the role and shape of digital marketing in the CPG space will need to change in a big way, so let’s start getting creative now.