Ahh, the holidays. All over the world, people are making memories with loved ones and reveling in the joy of the season. And in the agency realm, it’s time for urgent emails requesting year-end projects and holiday parties filled with colleagues stampeding toward the beer.

In a show of solidarity, brands are also rushing to appease the last-minute contingent with offerings like emergency grilled cheeses or nearly immediate in-store pick-up.

And these ploys will likely pay off. Deloitte’s annual holiday economic forecast anticipates sales will rise about 5% this year, and—here’s where it gets interesting—nearly half of all purchases are expected to be either completely or partially unplanned. So, if you’re winging it, you have to be prepared. Because what if you botch it?

Enter: your friends at Brokaw, here to help with the gifting snafus you’re bound to run into this season.

Situation #1: You fell for the classic “no presents this year” trap, and now your sig-O is as disappointed as they are empty-handed.

How you cover: “Gift” an impromptu, a cappella version of any song that has even an iota of sentimental value. They’ll be so uncomfortable, that they’ll try to forget this entire holiday ever happened.

Situation #2: Your feeble great-aunt assembled a scrapbook that traces your family’s origins all the way back to Pangaea. You snagged her a gift card.

How you cover: Throw an absent cousin under the bus. Flip through your illustrated lineage and say wistfully, “Bradley would’ve loved looking at this. Too bad he chose to celebrate with Trista’s family over ours…”  

Situation #3: Your friend’s idea of a gift exchange results in a present for you that’s twice, nah, three times more expensive than the one you Amazon-Primed for her.

How you cover: Say: “I know you’re really into Marie Kondo right now, so I figured you’d want experiences instead of things.” Then give her a hug. Boom! Two-part gift.

We hope you enjoy every second of the season. Even the awkward ones

– Your got-your-back-buddies at Brokaw

*YES, that IS Brokaw’s own Aaron McBride occupying the #19 slot on The Chive’s “Holiday Office Party Memes That Are About to be All Too Relatable.” Congrats on checking this off your bucket list, Aaron!