Since their season premiere a few weeks ago, Saturday Night Live has seen their highest week-three rating in eight years. And while a certain screwball election may have something to do with that, there are still things we can learn from the very funny people at SNL on how to keep your brand fresh, authentic, and Trump tweet-worthy for over four+ decades.


Commit to the bit. Know who you are. Like the insanely talented actors on the show, make sure your character (or in your case, your brand) has a motive. After a long-running campaign, Coke was able to make the shift from the tagline “Open Happiness” to “Taste the Feeling” because they realized their friendly-fun pop brand had gotten a bit too preachy.

Tell your story. Hey, remember SNL’s 40th anniversary special? And 30th? And 15th? And…you get it. SNL has made an enormous impact on our culture and they’re not afraid to remind us. So if your brand has a unique connection with your consumers, don’t be afraid to remind them of that.

Embrace change. SNL has always changed with the times. Whether it’s with their frequently rotated cast members or the introduction of “Digital Shorts.” It’s one of the reasons the show has been so successful. So if you’re afraid your brand is getting a little stale, don’t be afraid to make a little update…like, uh, Weekend Update.


Give the people what they want. There’s nothing wrong with repeating a bit. Like this Wayne’s World sketch. Or this one. Or this one. They never get old! Why, you ask? Because repetition establishes brand expectations and a consistent voice allows you to tell a deeper, more meaningful story over time.


Most importantly, have fun. The audience can tell. Right, Jimmy Fallon? That’s why brands like Dollar Shave Club, State Farm and Wonderful Pistachios introduced comedy to their not-so-exciting categories. Because people are emotional beings who make emotional decisions (even about pistachios). So associating your brand with happiness can help drive preference, and at decision time, purchase.

Have a perfect cheer day, everybody.

-Live from Cleveland…your friends at Brokaw.