What’s the quickest way to push a social strategist’s buttons?

Try this phrase:

“Oh so you get paid to just sit on Twitter and Instagram all day, and post a photo or a video and a nice status update, maybe answer a few questions and call it a day, right?”

Or even better (worse), this one:

“We need someone to manage our social presence, so we’re thinking of hiring a summer intern.”


Eek. Cringe. Puke.

So, what does a social strategist / community manager really do?

(In an attempt to be brief, an excerpt from my job description:)

Social Strategy

  • Plan and execute social media strategies
  • Provide strategic planning, support, and recommendations to include social media as an important element of marketing programs
  • Collaborate with Marketing, Interactive, and Creative teams to ensure the branding/voice of all our social media outlets are cohesive with other channels and initiatives
  • Develop best-in-class social experiences with the help of the larger team
  • Create programs that leverage earned, owned, and paid media
  • Leverage social media analytics to optimize campaigns and provide clear recommendations on how to further grow engagement and meet goals via social media
  • Develop and manage vendor relationships to grow social reach, engagement, and conversion
  • Constantly keep up with industry and social media trends
  • Educate teams around the implementation of new social media tactics and technologies
  • Document and streamline social media workflows and guidelines
  • Manage social media deliverables, timelines, and budgets


Community Management

  • Work with Marketing team to plan and execute content / editorial calendars deriving out of social media strategy
  • Brainstorm, draft, and post content for social channels
  • Moderate channels and act as a brand ambassador by interacting with customers and fans on social communities
  • Identify, document, and build relationships with key influencers to generate brand exposure, interaction, and leads via advocates and fans
  • Work with Marketing and Creative teams to plan and manage social media content
  • Focus on ROI and continual optimization and improvement
  • Lead reputation management outreach for both positive and negative sentiment

Bottom line is, hiring a so-called “digital native” person fresh out of college who understands the nuts and bolts of The Twitter is quite different than hiring someone who has a fundamental understanding of solid marketing principles. The kind of principles required for consistently excellent content creation, customer engagement, and brand alignment that ties back to your business goals. Sorry, we’ll get off our social soapbox now.

Now if you’ll please excuse me, I have to go post a few more cat pictures to Facebook and then call it a day.