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How can a global leader in professional tools protect and grow their market position?

Owning a RIDGID tool is a badge of honor for the best-of-the-best in plumbing, pipe fitting, and construction. So we created a campaign that honors the true pros (and those who aspire to be them) by demonstrating how their passionately high standards inspire, and are forged into, every RIDGID tool.

RIDGID Manifesto
RIDGID mobile
RIDGID Print Spread
RIDGID Detroit Print

Let’s speak to our audience in a way only they can appreciate. Big. Bold. No B.S.

We successfully helped RIDGID launch a global campaign for the first time in their 95-year history. Which not only resonated with RIDGID’s customers around the world, but also internal stakeholders—especially after realizing our BUILT FOR THOSE WHO KNOW™ campaign is built to last as long as one of their wrenches.

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